Custom Handmade Pieces

Each of these pieces are handmade and 100% original.
Because work is tied directly to emotions, each pattern is very different, colors vary (widely) and each stitch tells a unique piece of the grief story.


Available for children and adults, our simple, double-crocheted designs come in many lengths, widths and color palettes. Scarves are finished with single crochet edging and are available with and without fringe.


Our beanie hats feature a double-crochet in the round, finished with single, crab stitch edging. Available for infants, children and adults, our beanie hats are crafted from soft yarns only for a satiny, comfortable feel.


We offer a lovely selection of infant and young children’s blankets in a variety of pastel and primary color schemes. Blankets are crafted in traditional “Granny” patterns, and finished with crab or shell stitch edging.

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